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About Psycho Pig BBQ

We are the sizzling sensation hitting the streets in Delta and Mesa counties of western Colorado! Our vibrant food truck is a haven for all barbecue enthusiasts, offering a mouthwatering feast of smoked meats, scratch-made sides, and delectable rubs and seasonings that are “so good you’ll go crazy for more.”


Where the enticing aroma of slow-cooked meats permeates the air, drawing you closer to a culinary experience unlike any other. Our skilled pitmaster has perfected the art of smoking, infusing our meats with rich, smoky flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Behind the BBQ Smoker

Our company was born after Scott and a buddy found they enjoyed cooking barbecue together. Through their friendly competitions, Scott began making his own barbecue rubs. Others loved the rubs so much that he was convinced to sell them. He began packaging them and selling them at farmers markets in the Grand Junction area. From there he also started making his own sauces. Scott discovered that he had a passion for barbecue and wanted to eventually run his own food truck. When the opportunity arose in early 2023, he jumped on it with support from Andrea. Using Scott’s unique blend of rubs and sauces, Psycho Pig BBQ quickly became known as some of the best barbecue in Western Colorado. The rubs that many have come to know and love will hit retail shelves in 2024 with the sauces soon to follow.

After working in industrial distribution for over 20 years then a short stint in lodging management, he took a chance and bought a food truck. He began smoking about 15 years ago and has gradually worked his way up to near perfection. Cooking barbecue has become a passion for him. He also enjoys interacting with his customers every chance he gets. Scott participated in two competitions in 2018. The first was an amateur competition where he won first place by a landslide. The second was a KCBS sanctioned points competition. He competed with 31 teams from across the country and came in 23rd overall. He also placed eighth with his ribs using his unique rub and sauce. After this Scott decided that competitions were not the direction he wanted to go. His barbecue is a combination of Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, and Carolina styles with his own Colorado twist. If you ask him anything about barbecue, he will tell you how to build a smoker! He loves to talk almost as much as he loves barbecue!

Scott married Andrea in 1998 when they were both teenagers. Andrea stayed home raising their four children until she earned her BS in Marriage and Family Studies at the age of 40. She worked in the foster care industry for two years and wants to be a children’s therapist when she grows up. For now, she is the business manager at Psycho Pig BBQ. This means she does everything except smoke the meat!

Why the name "Psycho Pig BBQ"

The name originated from a fun and friendly competition between Scott, a redneck with a passion for great food, and Dave, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, who tried to outcook each other at every turn. As luck would have it they found a common ground in their zest for great flavors. As others were pulled in to be "judges" for these "competitions" these two Bar-B-Que gurus were asked if their rubs were available for sale and Psycho Pig BBQ was born. All of the products that we sell are original recipes that have been tried and tested in our own kitchens and backyards. 

We extended the Psycho name through our brand in the sauces and rubs: "Certifiable" "Deranged" and "Madhouse" are among are most popular and always get a chuckle from customers. 

And add to our crazy-level pride and joy, the newest addition to the Psycho Pig family is our mascot- Dr. Psycho Psymon, Psyd. This piggy brings joy to our onsite locations when he is in the mood and when he is feeling extra wacky.

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